Impetuous mountains, Endless fields, Picturesque hills and plateaus, Enjoyable seaside, Wondrous Danube delta, are just some of the highlights the nature kindly enriched Romania. All of them accessible and all of them within the confines of rather small area.
Adding to the undisputed beauty of Romanian nature, one shall find cities that are filled with history where time looks to have stopped. Castles, fortresses, mansions and citadels are here as a proof of our long and many times troubled history.
Completed with your every day modern urban environment, Romania will always offer a great deal of locations for you project no matter what you are looking to find.

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania and the headquarter to the whole romanian cinema industry.
It is a vibrant city with impetuous development which offers many opportunities for leisure, shopping and a very energetic night life.
It is a city that blends superb classical architecture that earned Bucharest name "Little Paris" , with the communist reminiscences and modern post communist highlights.
With a wide range of luxury hotels, an ever-growing number of restaurants, pubs, cafe shops and clubs, good connections with any city in the world, Bucharest is an easy going, interesting place to spend some quality time during your productions.