Nick Livesey - Director, RSA - Ursus Beer

Remote preparations are sometimes like preparing dinner in total darkness. If overlooked, a small detail can snowball into a big problem. RELOAD enabled our Ursus production to be at sprint speed with all bases covered within a matter of days. I will not hesitate to shoot with them again, as the chemistry was there and we had fun achieving what some thought was an unattainable goal.

Johan Gulbranson - Director - Dacia, Frutia, Zuzu, Timisoreana Beer

Several times lately, I have been working with RELOAD in Bucaresti. And every time it is a real pleasure. They are extremely nice people and at the same time they are very professional, both to me and to the agency and the client. I do consider them to be my friends, so when I leave Romania, after a shoot, I have a feeling I've been robbing someone. One should not charge a hell of a lot of money for having such a great time.
So if you people in Reload got a job with no budget, call me and I will do the job almost for free, as long as the client pays for the flight and the stay. (I will just charge the next job I do, for some other production company a little more. No sweat)
They also seem to get very good ideas from the agencies, so hopefully my Lion no 20 in Cannes (if I ever going to get it) will go to Romania and Reload.
I've been working all over the world, so take my word for it, Reload is my favorite.

Keith English - Director - Ursus Beer

Reload has a great team put together in Romania. I encountered them on two shoots for Ursus Beer that were a logistical nightmare - but terrific fun to do. They deftly tackled every obstacle with creative expertise which I think shows on the screen. We shot film and HD and had no problems at all with equipment or material.
Hard working, highly skilled, professional and fun to work with; what more does a director want? What's more, they're a friendly bunch of people and look forward to working with them again.

Olli Boehm - Director - Wonder Spring, Energy Holding, Elita, ING Bank

The best in Romania for making really good commercials is to work with people who know all the details about this country. Like Reload Film.
Then you'll have one of the best places for commercials in the coming-up countries.
I did some of my best commercials with Reload Film.

Graham Rose - Director - Timisoreana Beer

Out of all the production houses in Romania, Reload remains at the top of my favorites. They always give me great service, great post back-up and great perdiems ... not to mention the women, they're hot too.